Join an intimate group of horse lovers on this journey through The Waterhole Rituals with Carolyn Resnick as Your Personal Coach!

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It is our desire to share and promote our passion for horses by educating those individuals who care about giving horses a better deal. We aim to empower those who want to connect to the very heart of the horse. We want to help others understand how to truly partner with horses and how to allow the horse to usher us toward self-realization. It is our mission to help grow the new world consciousness that is now ready to receive this next step in valuing horses as teachers and healers. 

In the Insiders and Extended Circle course, Carolyn Resnick and Nancy Zintsmaster, will be your personal coaches, guiding you through The Waterhole Rituals every step of the way!

The Waterhole Rituals Program, is a method of Liberty Training® developed by Carolyn Resnick through her years of observation of horses in the wild. It is a training method that begins at Liberty, rather than a method of training that ends at Liberty. It begins with the first breath; the moment that you and your horse are in the same state of awareness in harmony and unity with one another.

There are seven Waterhole Rituals and they are based on social bonding rituals that are natural to horses, and are a concrete way to practice Liberty Training with your horse!

By learning how these Rituals function in natural herd, and by practicing this method, you will learn how to communicate with your horse in a language innate to the horse. One where he will naturally accept you as his leader.

This knowledge will enhance every interaction you have with your horse; feeding, leading, grooming, riding, training and showing!

This program is a Liberty Training® course that will help you to develop a deep bond with your horse! You will advance your horsemanship skills, at Liberty, on the ground, while staying safe. Whether you are an advanced horseman or have a only a basic understanding of horses, this course is for you!

This course is designed to support you, step by step, to build a strong relationship and deep connection with your horse!

Choose How You Prefer to Study:


This course is an intimate, group experience including bi-weekly tele-seminars with Carolyn and Nancy, as well as video coaching to answer questions unique to your situation with your horse! PLUS, the personal coaching component is a must if you would like to work directly with Carolyn Resnick! Carolyn will design a custom program just for you and your horse!


Although, this is not a pre-requisite for the Insiders Circle Program, this course is perfect for you if you are new to The Carolyn Resnick Method! You will have full access to The Waterhole Ritual Online Course, plus access to the Insider Circle Tele-seminar calls. You can learn through others experiences while practicing the exercises with your horse! Then, you will be ready to experience the Insiders Circle course next!

Note: The Waterhole Rituals are not meant to replace any other training that you may be practicing. The Waterhole Rituals are meant to support and improve any method of training. You can continue your current training program or riding discipline, from trail riding to dressage. What you will notice is that the performance and partnership with your horse will greatly improve.