The Carolyn Renick Method ePPC

Equine Partnered Psychotherapy/coaching

CertificatE program


We help dedicated professionals build the skills they need to run EPPC sessions with confidence in themselves and their horses so that their clients are able to reach the healing and growth goals they have been searching for!

The EPPC certification program is a result of the organic growth Carolyn’s lifelong work of helping humans build solid foundations for partnering with their horses toward any equestrian pursuit.  Currently, the fastest growing part of the equestrian industry are equine assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) programs.  As more and more horses are being asked to take on the role of “equine therapist” it raising some basic questions.

  • How are we supporting the horse in their new role of therapist instead of recreational/sport partner?  

  • How do you train a horse for working with the world of healing emotional and mental health concerns?

  • Can any horse do healing and personal growth work?

  • Is fair to ask horses to be exposed to some of the deepest and most painful wounds we as humans have?

  • How do you ensure both emotional and physical safety for all involved in EPPC session – horse and humans?

  • All the humans need to have informed consent for this work – do the horses too?

When Carolyn Resnick and Michelle Hollingsbrook first met they both felt that Michelle’s approach of helping humans heal from their past obstacles through the partnership of horses was a perfect pairing with the Carolyn Resnick Method.  Together over the last four years, Carolyn and Michelle have been weaving their two points of view together to form a holistic program that empowers all both the horses and the humans in understanding their roles and skills needed to rock out EPPC sessions.  

EPPC takes the lessons our horses teach us about ourselves from self-realization into a therapy/coaching model of healing and development that honors the true power of WHY horses.  

Harnessing the Knowledge of the Teachers

Carolyn Resnick

Carolyn Resnick

Carolyn has been teaching, training, and coaching people how to partner with their horses and step into a leadership role without the struggle of power and control for over 40 years.  As a professional horsewoman, and trainer,  she originated the term “Liberty” work in the 1970's..  She developed a method of training horses without force or fear that creates a solid foundation for all equestrian pursuits.

Michelle Holling-Brooks

Michelle Holling-Brooks

Michelle Holling-Brooks has been in the EAAT field as a certified professional for over 17 years and has worked with 1000’s of client to find the true healing and lasting change they had been searching for.  She has also been training and mentoring 100’s of professionals and is a leading expert in the EAAT field, speaking at industry conferences and trainings for years. 

Nan and Gracie

Nan and Gracie

Nancy Zintsmaster is co-owner of The Carolyn Resnick Method of Horsemanship and a Certified Instructor, and Master Trainer, in The Carolyn Resnick Method. Nancy is a testament to the transformational power of The Carolyn Resnick Method for humans and is passionate about sharing The Waterhole Rituals to ensure better treatment of horses, with greater rewards for horse-lovers.

In the Carolyn Resnick Method EPPC certification program you will gain the combined lifelong knowledge and experience of these instructors and you will have the opportunity to develop and learn:

  • the basics of the Carolyn Resnick Method, The Waterhole Rituals, so that you can train your horses on HOW to be an equine therapist

  • how to form a bond and connection with your equine partners

  • unlock yours and your horses true potential and power

  • how to establish the 5 heart strings of connection

  • the basic mental health theories and human development approaches that marry nicely with working with horses

  • a step-by-step progression of how to move a client through the EPPC process in partnership with the WHR where human healing and development are the main goal and not horsemanship

  • the skills and knowledge necessary to run EPPC sessions with confidence and flow!

We believe that…

  • The greatest power of the horse is to teach us the true power of ourselves.

  • Everyone is already a strong amazing, whole, being just as they are – sometimes we just need a little support in remembering this truth.

  • The client has the power and ability to heal themselves, the horse or the treatment team do not heal the client.

  • All beings should feel empowered in every EPPC session – horses and humans.

We believe the role of the horse and the role of the human professionals are similar in healing and growth sessions: 

Role of Horses

Roles of the Human Professionals

Horses are not just a mirror – they are sentient beings with thought, feelings, and emotions.

You show up fully in the present moment and support the client within your professional scope and training.

Horses are not just a tool for manipulating the human body.

We create a safe place for the client to explore, heal, and learn new skills. 

Horses are not just an object to be labeled and moved around like prop in a massive sand tray.

We support the client through a real relationship along with the horses that helps them practice the skills they are learning.  

Role of the Horses in our EPPC Model

The greatest power of the horse is in their true nature of desiring to be in partnership and as a present moment being. Horses have the ability to teach us how to be present in a relationship based on trust, respect, willingness, connection, and purpose. As we learn the skills of building a relationship with another being we are essentially learning about our nature and how grow trust in ourselves, embrace our self-worth, and belief in ourselves to handle whatever life might through our way.  

Just like every human needs to be trained for their role as a helping professional, every horse that takes on the role of equine therapist, needs to be trained on HOW to be in the flow of open connection, at liberty, and in a balance partnership with humans.

Nancy Zintsmaster builds Trust with a Horse

Nancy Zintsmaster builds Trust with a Horse

Though the years of teaching and coaching her clients, Carolyn saw that horses from all different forms of equestrian pursuits were being held back from their true potential.  It wasn’t because their owners, trainers, and riders didn’t want them to succeed, but often because the people weren’t taught HOW to partner with their horses through the 5 heart strings of connection – Bond, Trust, Respect, Willingness, and Focus first and then training for performance second.  Michelle found the same thing was happening in the industry of equine assisted therapies.  We do not believe the equine industry intentionally trains horses out of malice or ill intent, but rather our experience has been that most people just don’t know what a horse can really do in true partnership because they have never been taught, felt, or seen it.  The problem with traditional and most “natural” approaches are that they are still based on some level of power and control and appeasement verses free choice, willingness, and connection.  If we want our horses to teach connection to our clients, then they need to know what it feels and looks like before they ever can work with a human intentionally around healing and personal growth goals.